Company Profile
CS LoxInfo Public Company Limited (CSL)

formerly known as CS Communications Company Limited, was established on 20 July 1994 as a joint venture company of CAT Telecommunication Public Company Limited (CAT) and Thaicom Public Company Limited (THCOM). The major business of the Company is the provision of internet data center services, internet and satellite uplink-downlink services for domestic and international communications.

Furthermore, the Company expanded its business into some related businesses by investing in the subsidiaries such as Media and Advertising on Yellow Pages Business and Mobile Content Business in 2005 and 2006, respectively.
In November 2003, The Company changed its status from a limited company to a public limited company, and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in April 2004. As at 24 August 2015, DTV Service Company Limited (“DTV”) which is the Company’s major shareholders holds 42.068 percent of shares in the Company.

Internet Access and ICT Services Business (ICT)

CS LOXINFO provides the top-quality internet services under the name “CS LOXINFO” to respond the customers’ requirements by targeting in the business and corporate customers sectors. In 2015, Internet Access and ICT Services Business contributes 77% of consolidated revenue and 77% of consolidated profit. The main revenue streams were Leased Line Services, Data Center (DC) Services, ICT Solution and Cloud Computing Services, which was contributed 96 of ICT revenue.

Moreover, CS LOXINFO was granted a concession from CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (“CAT”) to provide television signal and internet access via satellite for a period of 22 years from 9 August 1994 to 8 August 2016 to provide comprehensive Uplink/Downlink services such as TV signaling via satellite and live satellite broadcasting. In 2015, Satellite uplink-downlink Service Business contributes 1% of consolidated revenue, and 3% of consolidated net income.